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Small fitted kitchen design ideas

Amazing small fitted kitchen design ideas

Small kitchens have their own charm and sophistication. Moreover, their practicability can’t be surpassed by a large kitchen. A small kitchen is definitely cosier and you won’t spend a lot of time searching for something because it’s easier to keep things to hand.

You can play with almost every type of material in your kitchen. Different textures and colours are also welcomed because they create contrast and luminosity for that welcoming  and warm feeling.

With a space saving layout, you will require a well-organised cabinet layout and light kitchen colours are key. We offer full state of the art 3d design to give you realistic visuals of your proposed fitted kitchen area

A spacious kitchen looks great in rich, vibrant colours and great contrasts ( black & white). On the other hand, for the small kitchens – soft pastels, grey colour tones and earthy colours – could be more suitable.

Gloss tiles on the kitchen wall

Applying tiles on one of your fitted kitchen’s walls, especially in the area where you are cooking, is a great decision for your small kitchen. The gloss tile can make your kitchen space appear bigger as it beautifully reflects the light. This will also add a graphic edge without overwhelming the space with pattern.

Appealing white

White it’s the perfect choice if you want to make your kitchen look spacious and radiant. Clean counters, bright walls and ceilings are the best ways to capture light.

Copper, golden and silver details

To give your fitted kitchen a touch of glamour, choose decorations in hues of Copper, Gold and silver, contrasting with the walls and the furniture in your kitchen, to give an elegant and sophisticated look without compromising on that’s spacious feel

Open shelves

If your kitchen is not that spacious, why not change the tall block wall cabinetry  and cupboards and open your kitchen by adding shelving that will keep your dishes in the spotlight and make them easier to be found.

 Warm colours blending materials

Warm materials such as natural wood, together with bold accent colours contribute to the cheerful and inviting atmosphere in your fitted kitchen. Try yellows, reds and orange for an intense look! Be careful not to overdo it though.

Grey kitchen units

Grey it’s a very easy adapting colour. Use light grey pastel colours in your kitchen for a stylish and balanced look. Darker shades of grey tend to be more suitable for large modern kitchens that have lots of light to overcome the darker colours



Rotpunkt kitchens

Small kitchen ideas by Signum Interiors

Rotpunkt kitchens

Small kitchen ideas by Signum Interiors


Rotpunkt kitchen by Signum Interiors

Small kitchen ideas by Signum Interiors


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