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About Us – Kenilworth

Welcome to Signum Interiors Kenilworth

Warwickshire’s leading fitted kitchen and fitted bedroom specialist. Signum Interiors, now also located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, will design, plan and install your complete kitchen, bedroom or home office project. Our main focus is creating designs which are not only functional but inspirational. Each design is created to be as individual as you are, while maintaining practicality beyond that of conventional interior planning.

Accurate guidance and organisation throughout your interior installation is essential for a seamless installation experience, therefore your dedicated Design Specialist will manage your entire project. With extensive planning and know-how, accompanied by a support system before and after your purchase provides you with the confidence you need in your long term investment.

Signum Interiors really do excel at delivering luxury kitchen styles from true German Rotpunkt, Uber, Crown and Hepplewhites. Ranging from country and traditional, to modern and contemporary. Our free, no obligation, computer aided design service is interactive, discussing with you your ideas and requirements within your new kitchen, bedroom or home office.

Advice is given on all our products, from cabinets to accessories showing you how to incorporate practicality in a manner which will not impact on the aesthetics of your new interior. Come and see for yourself in our new look kitchen showroom based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.



If you’re planning a kitchen re-design the humble back door has been given a transformation and it may be time to make some more room by openig up.Gone are the days when the only view enjoyed from the kitchen was the window above the sink.  Despite the seasonably  British weather, more of us are choosing to open up our kitchens to enjoy a more relaxed idoor outdoor  lifestyle.


Designing an open plan living takes great care and consideration when it comes to planning, the team at Signum Interiors knows to well. There are many ways your garden/patio can provide the perfect backdrop for your new kitchen. Natural earthy tone colour units and hints of on trend colour will help bring the two spaces together, uniting kitchen and garden seamlessly. From Modern German kitchen to a more traditional Shaker kitchen all have there individual merits on style and practicality

Whatever your size kitchen it is possible to enjoy the benefits of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle too, not only to promote the sense of space but also making the garden more accessible.

If you’re considering a kitchen island, taking careful note of where natural light falls may help in deciding the position and if you enjoy a lot of informal dining an island can create a fashionable social hub between kitchen, dining and garden.

If you enjoy dining outside a lot through the summer months, consider where you store cutlery, plates and glasses to ensure they are easily accessible for the garden.

Windsor Mussel Fitted Kitchen

Also consider lighting that enhances the flow of the kitchen and doesn’t over power it. Choosing separate lighting for inside and out will help connect and disconnect the spaces when required. Using white lighting within the kitchen will give a feeling of the great outdoors, uniting the two spaces on dull days.

For lots more suggestions on a new kitchen re-design, book a design visit with us today and one of our experienced Signum designers will show you exactly how to maximise space, light and living the indoor-outdoor lifestyle this summer. Our design visits are completely free,  giving you the opportunity to see 3D visuals of what a bespoke, made to measure kitchen would look like in your humble abode.

Click here to take advantage of our no obligatiom design visit today and book a time that suits you, mornings, evenings or weekends

We’re always here to help transform your home

If you want to redesign your kitchen get in touch today.




Fitted Home Office from Signum

When working from home, whether you are full or part time, it is very easy to become distracted when in a working environment that is not ideal for working.  There is nothing nicer when everything is designed and fitted perfectly for your room which in turn will help when working from home.

Our fitted home offices cater for your computer and printer equipment to ensure that they are both suitably hidden but also easily accessible.  Your home office will be perfectly designed to hide unsightly wires and clutter so you can concentrate on whats important.

A fitted home office can include many nice touches to help you work from home including pull out keyboard shelves and tidy filing cabinets.  For offices that need that extra bit of light we can integrate subtle lighting so you can do away with table lamps cluttering your working surface.  All light fittings and wires are hidden from view so all you see is the well designed switch to illuminate the desired area.

fitted home office

It is our job to ensure that your fitted home office is an area where you enjoy working at, as when working from home it is very easy to become distracted and uncomfortable.  Spending time with you to determine how you will use your office helps us to know exactly what you need to help maximise the space and more importantly maximise the efficiency.  In addition to getting the working area and storage exactly right we will also ensure that the style and design seamlessly integrates with your room enabling you to enjoy the home office for many years.

Check out the images from our fitted home office portfolio to give you an idea of some of the designs we have available

Bedroom Design and Installation to Help Tidy your Room

Are you the type to hoard clothes and clutter in your room?  Out of site out of mind right?  Well a cluttered room may not be helping with your stress levels this Christmas.

Hoarding is a real issue with a lot of people and can really take over your home.  Useless items can clog up your room and if your are not the type of person to throw clothes away then you need a bedroom design and installation that will help.

The information below will you with your hoarding obsession.

Thinking your items still have a use

One of the main reason to hold onto a possession is the thought that it may still be of use someday.  In the bedroom the main item that people hold onto is clothes.  Old clothes, clothes that no longer fit, clothes that you hope to fit again.  A simple rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in over a year then you don’t actually want or need it.  It may look as new and it may have only been used once, but this item is taking up valuable space.

Why not sell your unwanted clothes to put towards new clothes that you will wear.  A bedroom design and installation may not be what you need at this stage if you are brave enough to throw or sell your old clothes.

One of the key signs that someone has an issue with their possessions is their desire to never dispose of anything that they deem as perhaps having a use. One of the most common things that we see people collecting is of course old magazines and newspapers, stacking them up in corners of rooms just in case they might be need (which of course they never will be).

Invent new Storage Spaces

There are many things in the bedroom taking up valuable space that could be converted into storage space.  Maybe there is some old furniture or chair that is never used, a plain wall that could benefit from a shelf or badly organised space under your bed.  All these areas can be cleverly used to maximise the storage space that you have without looking cluttered

You don’t want anyone seeing your bedroom

One of the biggest signs that your bedroom needs working on is if you are ashamed of anyone seeing it.  Clothes strewn on the floor, sides and side of bed, clutter everywhere.  If this is the case then maybe a bedroom design and installation is what you need if storage is not an option