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Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting

A bedroom is the epicentre of activity. It’s where you wake up and prepare for the day. But most importantly it’s where you catch up on your beauty sleep. Therefore the lighting in a bedroom needs to be able to evolve to suit a variety of activities.

It’s proven that the body needs to wind down in order to get a good night sleep, so soft dimmed light is ideal. However when waking up its suitable that the room is bright and well lit. Thus designing a lighting scheme to work throughout the day to ensure a useable, functional space.

Colours and fabrics in the room majorly affect the lighting of the bedroom. Natural light instead of artificial can give a whole different meaning to the selected tones.

Hepplewhite Fitted BedroomsGo for Flexibility

A flexible bedroom lighting scheme compiles layers of light, produced using a combination of light sources. Known as general, task and mood lighting, each of these layers has an important job to do. General lighting meaning the standard, full power lighting that tends to be linked to the main switch – the basis of other lighting.  Meanwhile, task lighting is more specific when it comes to its function – bedside lamps used for reading.

Mood lighting can be achieved more by dimming any existing light. This is often achieved via dimmer switches and additional lamps. Both floor- and table- based lamps sends a soft and subtle glow across the room. Mood lighting is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere while the body prepares for sleep.

In the absence of good layering, the lighting scheme can flatten the space. So you need to achieve a good contrast of light and shadow and reflect light in different directions.

Consider how your room is used and try to ensure that there is light tailored to each specific activity/task. Don’t go overboard, it’s a bedroom not an office. Be innovative with the positioning and lighting choices;  just a few components will make up an effective and efficient scheme.

Fitted Bedroom BirminghamIn Control

Become the controller, with lighting connected to the internet and home Wi-Fi hub – you don’t even need to get out of bed! Nowadays everyone if linking their appliances through Wi-Fi and taking control. It’s both social and practical, enabling us to control the moods and need with just the push of a button.

New IP-addressable lamps allow you to change the colour temperature from a warm white in the evening to a colder white during the day. Even change the colour of light to suit your duvet. But the simplicity of a dimmer switch it always an option.Fitted Bedroom Birmingham


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