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Built-in Appliances

Built-in appliances

A major decision that has to be made when planning a new kitchen is whether you want free-standing or built-in appliances? A kitchen designed around a range cooker, will have a very different approach than one with a hob and cooker. A range oven demands to be centre stage within a kitchen. Fridges, freezers and dishwashers are easily disguised as cupboards, as they are hidden behind. Similarly built-in ovens can be neatly stacked.

These basic appliances can be easily integrated into your kitchen, behind a cupboard door, or perhaps a door with a control panel. Both are neat and possess their own benefits. For instance, the control panel can show the progress of the appliance (dishwasher), without opening the door.


High and Low

Now the norm, tall-fridge freezers and built-in cooking, but is no means an only option. Not all rooms and layouts lend themselves to tall units, you may prefer to have an oven under the hob, being traditional. Great for compact kitchens, be aware that some appliances are on the small side for a family home; but are great. However they are great for additional fridges for drinks, also applies for fridge drawers.

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The Way You Cook

With so much choice, take time to work out what you will and won’t use. A good starting point may be to ask yourself particular questions. What is a typical weeks cooking? Or what would I like my new oven to be like? If you are on a budget it’s not worth choosing the top-of-the-range brands, its suitable to choose the basic models of the of the premium brands. These basic models have the same excellent build quality as the show-stopping top-end models.

A built-in oven requires a separate hob. Gas and induction are both fast with good controllability, and the price of induction has decreased over time. Gas is unbeatable for fast high-temperature cooking. Meanwhile zoneless technology lets you create and control cooking areas for pans of all sizes. Induction hobs that also feature a single gas wok burner make good all-rounders.

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 Overall built-in appliances have many advantages compared to free-standing appliances. Built-in appliances give your kitchen a nice smooth and sleek look, instead of a mosaic kitchen.


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