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Designing your kitchen

Designing your kitchen to cater for multiple needs

Designed for LIFE and multiple needs having a kitchen designed to suit your lifestyle will ensure that you get the most out of your new kitchen.

Given that we use our kitchens for so many different activities it is tempting to assume that one kitchen designs suits all, this is not the case with modern lifestyles and cultures. Tailoring your kitchen layout to a primary purpose- whether that’s entertaining, catering for a crowd or as a place to chill out with your family. Signum Interiors will ensure your space for your kitchen will be best suited to your lifestyle and daily habits. By utilising the most up to date computer aided design packages and a service that suits you and not a one size fits all approach, we will ensure that we achieve the kitchen design of your dreams from our Retail kitchen showroom based in the heart of the midlands.

The cook in your kitchen

Naturally most kitchens are planned with cooking in mind, if you love to batch bake or even experiment with new culinary dishes, there are lots of design layouts more suitable.

A large bank of built in appliances is ideal. If space becomes an issue or you are limited for space prioritise certain parts and ensure that what you really want earns its place. Built in ovens and combi microwave provides versatility as does a range cooker in size to suit.

A chef’s kitchen will be more suited to having more refrigeration. A large larder style appliance or unit out of the prep area will give you more space and variation. Handy fridge drawers to store frequently used items come in handy too.

Above all be sure to zone all of your areas carefully to ensure that you won’t be walking around unnecessarily or too far between ovens and hob fridges and prep areas, we will guide you through this process giving you the best possible advice you can get.

Families matter

Modern kitchens move away from food-centric designs towards multi propose open plan designs, they function as brilliant family areas. Making your design reflect daily life and it will work well for relaxing in as well as the children’s homework and frantic breakfast times.

Storage is usual a crucial part of a family kitchen area make sure to utilise plenty of drawers and internal options that are available these can be seen in our showroom. Most of our units can now be used to create furniture around the home too blending colours throughout different rooms gives you a seamless feel.

If space allows you can incorporate a fully built in seating area and table could be a great alternative option to breakfast bars .

Social Entertaining

Having a fully functioning kitchen that is used every day, a well-designed kitchen should also be able to cater for entertaining when required. Kitchen/Home entertainments are about sleek appliances and craft storage along with seating areas designed to incorporate cooking and socialising.

There are lots of cooking appliances to best suit the need of the entertainer in the kitchen from quirky teppanyaki grills to unique induction vessels incorporating steamers, roasters and deep fryers that can also convert to slow cooking and boiling. http://lucebyhotpoint.co.uk/products/details/unique-cooking-vessel-combining-5-types-of-cooking-in-one-unit

Be sure to incorporate areas that allow you to cook and entertain while guest are able to talk and chat with you while you cook or prepare.


Windsor Mussel Fitted Kitchen

Traditional fitted kitchen with offset breakfast bar


german Rotpunkt Fitted kitchen

Rotpunkt kitchen with incorporated dining table


Rotpunkt fitted kitchen  Schwarz and late oak

Rotpunkt fitted Kitchen with pocket doors

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