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Eco Friendly kitchens

Signum Interiors eco friendly kitchens design and installation

Eco friendly kitchen designs and installations by Signum Interiors

With sustainable living becoming ever more popular with Homeowners,  Architects, suppliers and specifiers,  now is the time to do your part for the environment and implement eco friendly products within your kitchen  Renovation.

By slightly altering your kitchen design and cooking habits, you can greatly improve your carbon footprint and reduce wastage. This is also great for architects specifying products that reduce the need to use products that are detrimental to the environment… By using Signum interiors products from sustainable sources in your kitchen design we can help to save our planet.

Eco Friendly kitchens and how we develop them from design to installation

We have over the last two years developed a new concept of fitted German kitchens, al kitchenl materials are locally sourced and our kitchen components that make the end products itself is not just wood as you would find with most retailers.

Environmental consciousness at its best. By using corn in our German Kitchens and other fast-growing renewables weare able  reduce the weight by up to 30% without compromising on quality and stability of our stunning fitted German Kitchens.

The composition makes all the difference. We use 37% less timber, thereby conserving more of our natural forests. For the production of green line we use corn and other fast growing renewables. This production is PEFC certified and is not used in animal feed.BioBoard makes the difference – not only for ecology and economy. It is no different from traditional chipboard in usage and treatment.

Our experience causes us to be more creative and innovative over time. It is our beliefs that modern times need the ability to adapt. Together we will ensure our future.

ECO Kitchen units

Eco Kitchen units


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