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Fitted Home Office from Signum

When working from home, whether you are full or part time, it is very easy to become distracted when in a working environment that is not ideal for working.  There is nothing nicer when everything is designed and fitted perfectly for your room which in turn will help when working from home.

Our fitted home offices cater for your computer and printer equipment to ensure that they are both suitably hidden but also easily accessible.  Your home office will be perfectly designed to hide unsightly wires and clutter so you can concentrate on whats important.

A fitted home office can include many nice touches to help you work from home including pull out keyboard shelves and tidy filing cabinets.  For offices that need that extra bit of light we can integrate subtle lighting so you can do away with table lamps cluttering your working surface.  All light fittings and wires are hidden from view so all you see is the well designed switch to illuminate the desired area.

fitted home office

It is our job to ensure that your fitted home office is an area where you enjoy working at, as when working from home it is very easy to become distracted and uncomfortable.  Spending time with you to determine how you will use your office helps us to know exactly what you need to help maximise the space and more importantly maximise the efficiency.  In addition to getting the working area and storage exactly right we will also ensure that the style and design seamlessly integrates with your room enabling you to enjoy the home office for many years.

Check out the images from our fitted home office portfolio to give you an idea of some of the designs we have available

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