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Fitted Wardrobes to Maximise Space

Signum Interiors have designed and installed many built in wardrobes to fitted bedrooms Birmingham, but how can a fitted wardrobe improve your living space?

Your bedroom can begin to feel smaller and over cluttered as you accumulate clothes over the years.  Most people are reluctant to throw out old clothes, even if they haven’t worn them for years or no longer fit.  You will find that you will begin to run out of storage space for these clothes as they no longer fit in the wardrobe.

There are ways around this and apart from the obvious de-clutter and clear out a professionally fitted bedroom with built in wardrobes is often the solution.

A professionally designed and fitted built in wardrobe is designed to fit from floor to ceiling and usually from wall to wall to maximise wasted space.  Traditional wardrobes generally take up more space and always fit awkwardly into spaces whilst usually leaving unused space around it.

A professionally fitted bedroom with built in wardrobes will have the benefit of utilising all of the space within it. Some of the features include, ample hanging space, storage racks, tie and trouser holders and shoe racks.  The interior space is design to your exact needs.

When sliding doors are used, this also eliminates the problem of swinging doors in limited spaced rooms.  The doors are designed to blend into the room using either mirrors, matching wood finishes or a mix of the two.

Deciding on a fully fitted designed wardrobe for your bedroom is usually the most cost effective way of reinventing your room whilst breathing new life into it.

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