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Innovative Internal Kitchen Storage

Innovative Internal Kitchen Storage

Day by day a kitchen becomes the epicentre of destruction when it comes to a family. Whether it is the kids doing homework or Dad trying to cook, you always need place to hide the essentials. When updating your kitchen it is always handy to keep storage at the upmost effectiveness. Keep the dishes near the dishwasher and cookware near the oven and hob.

Find the cluttered areas and see why they are so cluttered, what can be done to thin things down? Look at any unused space, what can be put there, a shelf, a wine rack, anything to make things less crazy and cluttered. When choosing to make your kitchen most effective make sure you look at any internal works of cupboards and drawers. You can use the space to accommodate a variety of items, from spice jars to plates. When doing this make sure it is flexible if you wish to mix it up in the future.

Tiered Drawers

Deep drawers have a sleek and stylish look from the outside but are most effective with many storage options. Having drawers with tiers increases the storage space, whilst using the top tier for the most use items and the lower for the lesser, where the top tier can slide back for access to the lower.Detail_12


Any unused wall space can be used for rails or hooks. Most pots and pans come with a hole in the handle, so why not hang them up, out the way but still in reach?

Use the doors

Inside a cupboard or larder the door is otherwise unused, this offers access for smaller or possibly slimmer items to occupy. This is a really easy and effective storage method when upgrading your kitchen.Detail_42

Plate Drawers

Keeping crockery in drawers is a nice solution instead of shelving units and cupboards, everything is easily accessible and can easily identify the different sizes and variety form above. Storing plates in this particular way reduces the change of any breakages and injuries form over hanging shelves.

Pull-Out Larder

Larders are an old favourite nowadays in new modern kitchens. Having pull-out units allows you to keep things tidy and easy to access. Now you can mix everyday items and still keep it tidy and effective.Detail_02

Corner Cupboards

The pull out corner cupboard has come a long way in recent years. Taking modern storage to an unlimited level of possibilities. With smooth and easy access, there are a range of ways to store different stuff.

Top Tip => Draws that have inserts to store your cooking utensils and cutlery instead of them sliding around.

Detail_20All imagery is courtesy of ROTPUNKT German kitchens.

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