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Rotpunkt Fitted Kitchens Redditch

rotpunkt fitted kitchensAbout Rotpunkt Kitchens

“Made in Germany” and better still, “Made in East Westfalia” is a worldwide acknowledged seal of quality for our kitchens. This way they have made a name for themselves internationally. They have over 250 highly qualified employees designing and building high quality products and absolute reliability

The family owned company Rotpunkt, Rabe & Meyer Küchen GmbH & Co KG today produces high quality kitchens with the latest manufacturing technology at their main factory/headquarters and at their subsidiary plants in Löhne and Getmold.

The joint managing directors are Horst Rabe as technical director and Heinz-Jürgen Mayer as director of administrative operations. Both represent the third generation and have lead the company to its present impressive dimension.

The company was established in 1930 by Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer in Bünde-Ahle with the name Rabe&Meyer. This company started with the manufacturing of cigar boxes (Bünde used to be the cigar making centre of Germany), followed by wooden toys and sewing boxes.

After the war they decided to go into the kitchen business. The company has never looked back.

The cutting edge of technology coupled with tradition of many years characterises our approach to Planning and Production. This way kitchens of the highest quality are produced.

They convince not only through their design and functionality but also their particular stable value and durability. Finally, a high grade of flexibility to cater for individuality completes what we and our customers expect from or kitchens.

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Rotpunkt Quality

State-of-the-art technique combined with tradition are core basics of our planning and production methods. This is how the top quality of  Rotpunkt kitchens is created to produce fascinating designs, excelling with functionality.

 The high level of individualisation with Rotpunkt fitted Kitchens is what our customers have come to expect of our kitchens.

Rotpunkt Design

To create designs for Rotpunkt fitted kitchens, we need hindsight into what is expected of kitchens in the future. The Rotpunkt ideal is to listen to the requirements of the customer in order to implement this into future designs.

Rotpunkt fitted kitchens continue to invoke fascination and admiration with every new design that they introduce.

Rotpunkt Innovation

Every year new kitchen innovation sets new standards.  At Signum Interiors we show off this innovation provided by Rotpunkt in our Fitted kitchen showroom Redditch. Our showroom is regularly updated to show the latest trends and kitchen fashions.

Innovation is what drives the designers at Rotpunkt and this is reflected in the wow factor that is shown in their fitted kitchens.

Rotpunkt Configuration

The kitchen will always be the heart of the home, the place where people congregate and meet.  With this in mind, the ergonomics and functionality has to withstand the constant use of the kitchen.

Every Rotpunkt Fitted Kitchen can be configured individually to suit the style and use of your kitchen and at Signum Interiors we can work to your budget too.

Please call now to speak to a German Kitchen Specialist or to order a brochure on Rotpunkt Fitted Kitchens Redditch on. 01527 525600

Click on the link to view our full range of rotpunkt kitchens, including Handleless, Lacquered, Laminate and Wooden and Oakline