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Rotpunkt Fitted Kitchen Ranges


Rotpunkt Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are often the first choice. Straight grip profiles in stainless steel as well as in all carcase colours can be handled as easily as traditional handles. You decide what you like best. You can choose a handleless variant for many of our German kitchen ranges.


Rotpunkt Handleless Kitchens


Rotpunkt Lacquered Kitchens

In your kitchen you can see yourself – in both senses of the word! Lacquer sets priorities. Colours are fresher and brighter – at the same time these lacquered kitchens are easy to clean and are brought back to their original lustre even after a hard day’s work. Lacquered kitchens are kitchens for genuine individualists. Choose a German Kitchen with personality for personalities.


Rotpunkt Lacquered Kitchens


Rotpunkt Laminate Kitchens

Modern day designs and colours, including wood effect, sand, rusted metal to name just a few, along with the visually stunning matt finishes.  These finishes look fantastic when mixed together with other textures and colours bringing the best out of any kitchen.


Rotpunkt Laminate Kitchens


Rotpunkt Wooden and Oakline Kitchens

Classic wooden kitchens do not have to be old fashioned. For some time, classic wooden kitchens have become timeless and high quality german kitchens, with modern sophisticated design included.


Our Oak Line Edition is a unique visual experience. You can see the quality of the material used: rustic yet delicate, individual and modern, a natural finish, slightly roughened, unevenly sanded or distressed.


Rotpunkt Wooden and Oakline Kitchens


Rotpunkt Kitchens | Accessories and Carcass Colours

The kitchen is and always will be an article of daily use, whose quality is measured by functionality, ergonomics and innovative technology. A great many things are seen by us as standard for a modern German kitchen, many are therefore self-evident and are included as standard. Those who want more can of course choose to enhance the standard of their kitchen by way of design and/or technology.


Rotpunkt Kitchens Accessories