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Rotpunkt Kitchens in Birmingham and London

Rotpunkt Kitchens are a Family owned German company renowned worldwide for their high quality kitchens.  They produce a range of fitted kitchens from the modern state of the art to the more traditional so as to suit any home.

Established in 1930, by Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer, manufacturing cigar boxes and wooden toys.  After the war, the partnership decided to diverse into fitted kitchens and effectively transferred their knowledge of wooden boxes to more functional kitchen units.

The Rotpunkt range includes a mix of innovative, high quality fitted kitchens in laquered, laminate, handleless and wooden designs.

The Handleless range of Kitchens from Rotpunkt give that sleek seemless look with flush fit doors.

At Signum Interiors we supply Rotpunkt kitchens all of the UK with our main areas being London and Birmingham. The extensive kitchen range on offer along with the multitude of features, makes these kitchens a must have part of your home.

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