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Small Kitchens

Small Kitchens

Watching property programmes such as ‘Location, Location, Location’, you can begin to think that the only good kitchen are the large ones. Nowadays people want kitchens with a large open plan base to it, but are disappointed when they find the room is less than expected. However with small kitchens all you need to do be is creative. So, it’s good to think of some innovative ideas for storage of items, also making it as compact as possible. Thus making a kitchen seem larger than it actually is.

Getting the layout right

First look at the room’s configuration, as each small kitchen will have specific solutions that it’s best suited to. Most commonly people choose the single gallery: just one line of cabinetry with nothing opposite. A double gallery is two rows of cabinetry with little space between them. Both types come with individual issues amongst common ones.

Often with small kitchens there aren’t many options when it comes to layout, so you have to utilise every inch of the space that is given. Squeezing things together and ridding the kitchen of any storage hindrance. Drawers can have extra depth and be tiered to utilise the space pretty well.Detail_06a

Store and order

Always consider who will be using the kitchen. A gallery kitchen possessed by individuals who don’t cook much will require different planning to one that has to cater for a family. Storage is a very important factor with a kitchen, especially when you want uncluttered and tidy worktops.

Internal fittings to cupboards and drawers will optimise a lot of the basic storage. Having everything close to hand and easy to find will optimise efficiency, along with zoning. Easy wins are fitting drawers that pull out fully to expose all its contents. Rather than cupboards that you have to rummage through just to get what you want, which typically right at the back underneath everything else. Floor to ceiling larders are very popular nowadays due to the sheer amount of storage space given. Detail_09

Material matters

Once the floor space has been worked out, then comes the time to create a design of what you have. Using pale colours and light reflecting materials might seem too boring, to does work well. Don’t just think, ‘PAINT!’, pale cabinets and walls will also help; as well as highly reflective materials, such as high-gloss worktops. Keep the furniture style simple but sleek in a small space. Glossy doors also reflect light back as well, thus creating an illusion of space.

Lighting is also key in small kitchens. The combination of mood and task apply to whatever your design. In a gallery kitchen, it is particularly important to get task lighting right so you’re not always working on your own, or in someone else’s shadow. Task lights below any wall cupboards can properly illuminate any prep-surfaces as well as lights underneath the lining of the worktop.



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