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OPEN UP: SPRING KITCHEN RE-DESIGN If you’re planning a kitchen re-design the humble back door has been given a transformation and it may be time to make some more room by openig up.Gone are the days when the only view enjoyed from the kitchen was the window above the sink.  Despite the seasonably  British weather, more of us are choosing to open up our kitchens to enjoy a more relaxed idoor Read More

Innovative Internal Kitchen Storage

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Innovative Internal Kitchen Storage Day by day a kitchen becomes the epicentre of destruction when it comes to a family. Whether it is the kids doing homework or Dad trying to cook, you always need place to hide the essentials. When updating your kitchen it is always handy to keep storage at the upmost effectiveness. Keep the dishes near the dishwasher and cookware near the oven and hob. Find the Read More

Looking for a Kitchen Remodel Birmingham?

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For a kitchen remodel Birmingham, Signum Interiors have a huge array of designs and styles to suite your needs.  In most situations our ideas of a new kitchen include replacing the old carcases, cupboard doors and worktops with new ones.  This seems to be the easiest option for most people and the cheapest without any thought of getting the best out of your kitchen. Accepting your kitchen layout the way Read More